Friday, January 11, 2013

Oscar Season

Yay, It's my favorite time of the year again. Awards season. The Oscar noms were just announced yesterday and this girl is giddy with excitement. For me awards season means finally hearing about the movies that were yet unseen because they aren't for the general audience, and seeing my favorites go grab their awards (more or less) and lets not forget Red Carpet Fashion.

Awards season Officially begins when the Golden Globe nominations are announced, and reaches its Climax during the Academy Awards ceremony. I consider the Globes to be a tip of the Iceberg of all the major awards. Its like a Semi- Oscar. Its really all for the fan fair. Then there are major lesser known awards like, Critics Choice (stepping stone for oscar  winners, generally, if you win the TCA, you have like an 80% chance of getting the oscar too), BAFTA's (british), Screen Actors Guild awards, Directors Guild Awards, Producers Guild Awards, Spirit Awards and even the Raspberry aka Razzies (they choose the worst movies).

Anyway to the nominations. To the lay man (or leisure movie watcher), they would feel that their favorites weren't nominated. But what if they really didn't act that well. Some of the biggest stars have never even been nominated, not to talk of winning an oscar, because their talents are frankly not up to par. Meanwhile greats like Meryl Streep get nominated for every screen appearance. Anyway to this years nominees. for full list go

Anyway, for a critic like me the Nomination list was not surprising. Just a few snubs here and there but all-in-all, the academy nailed it this year. First we have to know what the Academy loves and what they don't. The academy Loves Biopics, Period Dramas, Controversial movies, Heart Warming movies, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Meryl Streep. the best Picture nominees were not far from this Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained (Controversial), Les Miserables (Period), Lincoln (Biopic, Period and Spielberg , Amour, Life of Pie, Silver Linings Playbook, Beasts of the Southern Wild (Heartwarming).

Most were suprised that Leonardo DiCaprio wasnt nominated for his turn in Django, me included but I believe the Academy doesnt like Him, his day would come. Granted Dicaprio is super talented, he was snubbed for Titanic, J. Edgar, Inception, Shutter Island to name a few. Others were suprised Jamie Foxx wasnt nominated for Django, I was not. jamie foxx was the most boring part of that movie, with Cristoph Waltz (who got nominated), Dicaprio and Samuel L Jackson literally filling up the screen with their charisma, I forgot the movie was about Django for a minute.

All in all, the Academy was spot on this year. My predictions include Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor, Jesscia Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress, Lincoln for best picture, Spielberg for best Director, Django for original Screenplay, Lincoln for adapted screenplay, Adele for original song.

from your friendly neighborhood, critic.

P.S. Dont ask why Dark Knight Rises and Avengers was not nominated, the reason you love them is because of the special effects and less of the acting or story.

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